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Friday, April 13, 2012

Why Do You Dehydreate?

Here is an opportunity for everyone who is dehydrating to talk about how they got started and what motivated them to "go dry". <grin>  Please share with us your reasons. 

For those of you who are new to dehydrating, this is a great opportunity to find out what the point of all this is.

Originally, I began dehydrating some fifteen years ago just for the fun of it. I've always enjoyed unusual things.

But after becoming widowed, I stopped for a few years.  Couldn't see the point of all that for just one person. 

However, when my finances really  got bad ... and especially our government's finances. I realized that I probably could not depend on the government to continue paying my disability check.  That's when I really got serious about it.

We Feel Your Pain

Hi Folks,
This is quite long post.  And clearly, based on the firestorm of comments, I agree that it is a really importan issue.  You can find key words for this under economy, money matters, & preppers.

It has always been my intention to provide a forum for this type of discussion. I am hopeful that you will use this area for commenting and discussion. Please do share your feelings. 

I will be posting all sorts of pertinent information and I am hopeful that you will share what you know as well.

Wanted to send out a "WE FEEL YOUR PAIN" to all my fb family and friends. It's seems that gas, food, clothing, and just about everything is going up up up with no end in site. I pray that we all band together and encourage each other. Share our ideas on making our dollars go further. My gut is we are in for some hard/difficult times that is going to require each of us to evaluate where we are spending our dollars. I pray my gut is 100% wrong but I wouldn't bet/count on it. Love you all.
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    • Heather Mahon Estey totally agree with you Marcia Steranka. A couple months ago I wrote a series about Making Do Without Missing a Thing, and people kept saying the exact same thing over and over, or sending me messages asking how to do things starting NOW. I wanted to cry, it was so sad, but I am glad more people are waking up.