Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dehydrating Frozen Veggies

Dehydrated frozen green peas

An excellent way to save money is to buy plain frozen veggies on sale. Sometimes you can find them as Loss Leaders to get you into the store.  Take advantage of these.

This is super-easy! 

  • No need to thaw them.
  • Simply open your bag of veggies and crumble them so there are no clumps.
  • Spread them out and turn dehydrator on low heat  105° to 110°.
  • Let them dry overnight. They should be crisp and hard.

Dehydrated whole kernel corn

 What to do with your dehydrated frozen veggies:

  • Toss ¼ cup in soups and stews
  • Use in moist casseroles
  • Add a teaspoon to instant cup-o-soup
  • You are limited only by your imagination!

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