Monday, May 28, 2012

Mandolin Cross Cut Apples

Using your safety device on your mandolin slicer!

 Here is a neat way of slicing your apples for a little bit of a festive look. I leave the skins on for this project.

First, remove the stems and cut the blossom end off each apple.

  • I always fumbled and had a hard time with my mandolin slicer’s safety device.  It never seemed to work properly, so I didn’t bother.  Ended up with the occasional cut fingertip! Recently, I attended a Pampered Chef party and watched a demonstration on how it’s done.  

Insert your apple into the safety holder. 

 It usually has two or three metal prongs to help hold your produce in place.  Additionally, it often has a device that pushes the fruit towards the cutting blade. 
I must admit, that since using the device properly, it has certainly made a difference in using my mandolin.
By cross cutting the apples, you get this interesting star effect in the middle.

That is formed by the core of the apple.  I found that most of the seeds fall out, so there isn’t much of a problem with them on the apples.

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