Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hand Crank Tomato Puree Machine

Sometimes I look at kitchen equipment with a jaundiced eye. Too many times I have bought something that I thought would be useful, and it turned out to be a frivolous piece of junk.  This tomato puree machine is the exception.  Don’t really know what it’s called. Bought mine in a thrift store (of course) for just a few bucks. It was manufactured in Italy and it’s purpose is to puree tomatoes.  I did find modern machines on line in various outlets.

Apple Sauce The Easy Way

 I had been given a box of crab apples. They were kind of warped and twisted and not many had a proper shape.  Most of them were about the size of a large plum. I felt it wasn’t worth the effort to peel and core them. So I quartered them and simmered them until they were just tender. Then I ran them through the tomato puree machine.

This is a hand crank machine that looks rather like a meat grinder with a long funnel on the front.  The funnel part is composed of a spiral core that sends the food through the machine. It is covered with a fine meshed sieve. The  edible pulp is pressed through the sieve.

 To my delight and surprise, the puree came out of the sieve in the main part of the machine.  The peelings, cores, seeds, and stems came out the end of the machine.

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