Thursday, June 21, 2012

Quest for Carrots A Great Bargain! Day Three - Shredded

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By the third day, my remaining carrots were beginning to wither a little, so I knew I had to get the rest finished quickly.

I decided to take the odd shaped bits and pieces and shred them. 

First I peeled these carrots and sliced them into chunks.  I wanted to make sure they would easily fit into the food processor chute for grating.

  • Notice the large split piece in my hand. It was one of the few carrots that had a split, I guess from being over grown.  I simply cut away the split edges and used the rest of it. There was very little waste. 
Two Gallons of Shredded Carrots

I had considered using my mandolin slicer, but I knew I wouldn’t have the time or energy to hand grate and slice so much produce.  So I borrowed Karen’s food processor. When she learned what I was doing, she offered to let me use her machine in exchange for some dehydrated julienned carrots. 

  • Economy tip - Hey, barter is a good thing!

Unlike my basic machine with a chopping blade in the bottom, hers has a slicer/grater blade in the top. You simply feed the food into the chute in the top. Before I knew it, I had a huge container of grated carrots.

Since my dehydrator racks were still working on yesterday’s batch, I refrigerated these.

Nine racks of shredded carrots

If you have screens for your racks, use them.  It allows for better airflow with tiny objects like shredded carrots, but won’t allow those dried bits to fall through. 
Shredded & Dehydrated
Otherwise, just use your fruit leather trays.  If they tend to clump a bit, once in a while check on them and give them a stir to allow air to circulate better.

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