Saturday, July 7, 2012


Ginger in Bulk

I was chatting with our green grocer and commented on how expensive fresh ginger is. She said that if I wanted to buy some in bulk, she could arrange it.  By buying a two-pound bag full, I saved $1.32 per pound.

Linda's Note: It pays to check with your greengrocer once in a while. Better yet, build up a rapport with her.  You never know what kind of economical tip she may pass your way.

First, I peeled the ginger. 

I tried a little orange rasp kind of gadget that didn’t work. Then I simply used my trusty little potato peeler.


These are fresh ginger slices ready to dehydrate.

After drying, they will be stored until needed. I won't grind them into powder until I'm ready to use them.

Dried Sliced Ginger

Crushed Ginger

Ginger is pretty hard stuff when dehydrated like this.  I buzzed it a little in the food processor to get it crushed down a bit.  However, I do not like turning it into powder until I’m ready to use it.  Larger pieces keep the fresh taste longer.  Grind it with your spice mill (or coffee bean grinder or a pepper mill set aside for the purpose) just before you’re ready to use it.

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