Thursday, August 23, 2012

Apple Peeler / Slicer

Here is my handy-dandy apple peeler/corer.  You can also use it on potatoes and any other round, evenly shaped veggie.

Points to know:
  • The instructions that come with it are pretty sketchy
  • It is a good machine once you get the hang of it
  • You may mess up a few apples before you get it right
  • It’s well worth the investment if you have a lot of apples to process
  • It comes completely apart for cleaning – but be warned!  Putting the parts back together can be confusing. It’s easy to get the adjustments wrong!
Look closely at the tool. 

  • The left arrow shows silver prongs. Push the apple onto those prongs to push the apple forward. As you turn the crank handle, the apple spins and simultaneously gets peeled, then sliced.
  • The large circle on the top is the peeling tool. It can be adjusted for depth by the wing nut at the top. 
  • Bottom circle shows the adjustment screw. This also affects the depth of the cut. 
  • The arrow on the right shows silver the slicing device.  As the apple spins, it cuts into the fruit and slices in a spiral.
Took me a while to figure out how to use the thing.  First, you stick your piece of fruit on the three prongs.

There is a little guide that fits into the spiral crank handle. When you crank the handle, it forces the fruit towards the peeler and cutter. Using the little release lever, push the crank handle so that the fruit reaches the slicing blade.

On the left you will see a little looped peeling device. The tension can be adjusted on the bottom to set the depth of the cut you prefer.

Turn the crank, and the peel begins to come off.

As the apple progresses through the cutting tool, it slices into a long spiral. Try to keep the spiral intact until you are finished with the apple.  I have to admit to a bit of a psychomotor problem (blame it on the fibromyalgia…or not!), so I always have trouble with the dept of the peeling tool.  With this apple, I decided to disengage the peeler and simply finish slicing.

Notice the apple is now on the left side of the cutting too. Slide the apple spiral off the core.

This is what it looks like with the sliced apple removed and the core remaining.

To prepare for dehydrating, simply slice down one side of the apple.  It will change from one continuous spiral to lots of standardized slices.

Here are the sliced apple rings ready to dehydrate.
Linda’s Note:
Don’t discard those cores! They still have a bit of fruit on them.
  • Toss them in your crock-pot and simmer them will cinnamon, sugar… or whatever else you like. Strain the seeds out and make apple butter.
  • Toss them to the chickens or whatever critters you have wandering around your yard. They will love them!

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