Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dehydrating Button Mushrooms

Whole Button Mushrooms

I wondered what would happen if I dried small button mushrooms.  First, I removed the stems, and then peeled if necessary.  I placed them on the racks and let them dry slowly, at 115 degrees for two days.  I also put some in the FoodPantrie and let them dry for five days.

They turned out just fine.
Use them any way you would use button mushrooms in cooking.


  1. I love your blog thank you. I love that you are trying stuff out and sharing it, it makes your information so approachable. I have a question about this mushroom post. your last sentence -"use them any way..." Do you mean i can slice and sautee the dried mushrooms just like fresh? Or do you mean i need to rehydrate and then..... Thanks agains!

  2. Why did you remove the stems? Why not save that part for drying also? Cut the dry end off and dehydrate along with the caps.

    1. Normally, I dry the stems along with the sliced mushrooms.But this was an experiment and I was worried about too much thickness that might make thorough dehydrating difficult. In this case, I happened to use the stems for supper, but there would be no problem in dehydrating them as well.