Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Processing Poblano Peppers

This is Day Two on dehydrating my Poblano Peppers. By now, the peppers had been charred and skinned. If you’ve never charred peppers before, look at the blog on Charring Peppers for instructions on how to char them.

Step One

 Cut the stem ends off the peppers. The seedpod is connected to the stem. If you want peppers to stuff as in Chile Rellanos, this will also be the opening.

  • If you want your peppers hotter, leave the seeds in them. If you want them milder, remove the seeds.

Step Two

 You can cut the stem away from the seedpod and find a good bit more pepper to work with.

Step Three

  • Rinse to remove any remaining seeds. 

Ready for dehydrating
Sorted Peppers

 When working with the peppers, you will find that some will tend to break apart.  I simply sorted mine by separating the whole peppers from the torn ones and the badly broken ones.
Slit them open

Half peppers

Half Peppers on the racks

  • Those with small tears were set aside for half peppers. these might be used in layered casseroles or cut into strips for cooking


 Those really broken were set aside for diced and minced peppers.

Dried Diced

  • Throughout the process, I used both my American Harvester electric dehydrator and my FoodPantrie, which uses no electricity, but simply air-dries them.
American Harvester
- 19


Dried Pieces of Peppers

Dried Whole Peppers



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