Saturday, October 13, 2012

Home Food Dehydrating: Economical "do-it-yourself" methods for Preserving, Storing & Cooking

By Jay and Shirley Bills

This is a wonderful little book.  There are newer versions out on the market today. But mine was published in 1974.
One of the things I like best about this book over any of the others is that the recipes use primarily dehydrated foods.  From start to finish!  Occasionally, you need things like butter, flour, and such, but the emphasis is on using dehydrated foods. 

I also like the “down home” recipes that are fairly familiar to me.  Not a lot of “exotic” stuff, just good basic home cookin’.   

In fact, I am experimenting with most of the recipes here to set up one-dish meals for Mike and me. Most of the recipes are for four or five servings, but I can’t see any point in having that much food left over for just two people. 

They take you step-by-step through the rehydrating and cooking process. Nice, detailed instructions.

Here is the Table of Contents:
  • Introduction: Ere You Begin
  • General Observations of Food Dehydrating
  • Methods of Dehydrating
  • Basic Dehydrating Techniques
  • Using Preservatives
  • Dehydrating Fruit
  • Making Fruit Leather
  • Dehydrating Vegetables
  • Dehydrating Herbs
  • Dehydrating Meats
  • Storage After Dehydrating
  • Bread Recipes
  • Cake Recipes
  • Cereal and Cookie Recipes
  • Dessert Recipes
  • Dressing Recipes
  • Fruit Recipes
  • Ice Cream Recipes
  • Meat Recipes
  • Pie Recipes
  • Sauce and Topping Recipes
  • Fruit Flavored Milkshake Recipes
  • Soup Recipes
  • Vegetable Recipes
  • One-Dish Recipes

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