Monday, November 26, 2012

Marshmallows, of All Things!

Mini Marshmallows 

Marshmallows? What will they think of next?  For several years I’ve heard of people dehydrating marshmallows, but hadn’t bothered. We aren’t big on sweets here. Both Mike and I tend to have a problem with weight and we’re both diabetic, although controlled by nutrition. 

I finally decided to try them and see what it’s all about.


I dehydrated both the regular and the mini sized marshmallows.  After a day of drying, I couldn’t tell much difference.  So I asked a few people about it.  It seems that they don’t shrink like most dehydrated foods, but when cool, they get hard and crispy. 

Slicing for Wafers
They were so hard that eating a whole one became a bit of a challenge for me.  I decided to cut it into wafers and see how that would work. 


Although I was able to cut my wafers, they are quite crumbly and I had a lot of wasted powder and chunks. I wondered what to do with this, so I decided to buzz it into a powder.  


There wasn’t much powder, so I added some mini marshmallows and buzzed them, too.

It turned into a fine, sweet powder.  You could use it just as it is as a sprinkle on cupcakes, fruit cups, or other deserts.

A Gloppy Mess

I played around with it a bit and decided to add warm water.  It turned into a bit of a lumpy mass.

Boiling Water Does the Trick

Then I really got aggressive and added boiling water. 
Marshmallow Creme

Before long, I had a wonderful marshmallow cream sauce! Imagine all the great things you can do with this.


  1. I also have been wondering why folks dehydrate these and have felt it may be a waste of my money but now I think I will also experiment and see what else I can come up with for uses.

    1. Personally,I don't see the point either. We don't use marshmallows because both my hubby and I are diabetic. After reading so many comments about how wonderful they are, I was just curious. I'm thinking the only advantage is that you can use them in backpacking foods and hot cocoa on the trail, perhaps.

  2. I live in a very dry environment, my marshmallows dry all by themselves, I enjoy eating them dried, I also add them to hot cocoa, sweet coffee, and cereal.


  3. PS, I just joined your FB group, thanks for adding me, I'm "Nuna Bizness", that name is not a reflection on my readers, it's a jab toward FB's "privacy" policies... I am a prolific writer, I live 100% off grid, and would be interested in posting some of your stuff on the sites where I write, with your permission of course :) Just let me know if you are game.



    1. Wretha, thanks for your comments. You may or may not have noticed that I am shutting down the facebook group and working strictly on this blogspot. I found it was impossible to give as much time to the blogspot and devote enough time to making sure all the info on the fb group was accurate. As you can see, it is December 8 before I have been able to get back with you and respond to comments here.

      I plan on working hard to keep this up to date and do the best job possible. Thanks for your support.