Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Slick Tricks Department - Recycling Used Zip Bags

Recycled Freezer Bags

If you’re like me, you tend to put your dehydrated foods into zip freezer bags until you’re ready to vacuum seal them into one meal vacuum bags.

I found if I washed my bags, there was always a little moisture left in them. I would try propping them open on long handled pots or silverware sticking upright in the dish drain but invariably, whenever the sides of the bag touched, moisture would still be there.  It seemed to take forever to get those bags dry enough that I felt secure about putting more dehydrated foods in them.

Hanging Recipe Holder 

  • Someone sent me a neat trick for hanging your recipe on a pants hanger, so I started hanging my bags on an unused one, but every now and then I have too many bags.
  • Sooo, I pulled out a multiple pants hanger to use.  
Linda’s Note:
  • If you carefully turn your bags inside out, they will dry faster and more thoroughly.  You don’t have to worry about little droplets of water clinging to the corners.


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  1. I do this as well. But instead I bought those laundry hangers with muliple clothes pins attached at the dollar store. I clip the bags on close to the corner (only one corner) and can hang a bunch of bags off just one of these. They only take up a small amount of space.