Friday, April 13, 2012

We Feel Your Pain

Hi Folks,
This is quite long post.  And clearly, based on the firestorm of comments, I agree that it is a really importan issue.  You can find key words for this under economy, money matters, & preppers.

It has always been my intention to provide a forum for this type of discussion. I am hopeful that you will use this area for commenting and discussion. Please do share your feelings. 

I will be posting all sorts of pertinent information and I am hopeful that you will share what you know as well.

Wanted to send out a "WE FEEL YOUR PAIN" to all my fb family and friends. It's seems that gas, food, clothing, and just about everything is going up up up with no end in site. I pray that we all band together and encourage each other. Share our ideas on making our dollars go further. My gut is we are in for some hard/difficult times that is going to require each of us to evaluate where we are spending our dollars. I pray my gut is 100% wrong but I wouldn't bet/count on it. Love you all.
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    • Heather Mahon Estey totally agree with you Marcia Steranka. A couple months ago I wrote a series about Making Do Without Missing a Thing, and people kept saying the exact same thing over and over, or sending me messages asking how to do things starting NOW. I wanted to cry, it was so sad, but I am glad more people are waking up.

    • Karen Guckes Mains that is the very reason I started on the dehydrating/canning trail. I have a long way to go in experimenting with failures and victories but a little at a time. But there are so many people who have no clue about the economy and such, including some family members. So I am trying to gather for them as well.

    • Marcia Steranka I would love to read that series Heather Mahon Estey. Where can I locate them?

    • Donna Wilkinson Me, too. Would love to remade it.

    • Cindy Harbold Ratcliffe Heather's series are great...especially the master mix recipes! Awesome info & saves money & time. Highly recommend her series to everyone.

    • Cindy Magee I would like to read them too!

    • John Groves marcia wishing you well also.we will get through this mess after all were americans we will overcome adversity.

    • Heather Mahon Estey I want to say that John Groves and I are on the same page. Look at how many people are already trying to do things on their own--preserving, gardening, etc. And I also wanted to say I appreciate your interest--thanks, and you can read them here:

    • Freda Blake Bradley I agree with everyone. I have been strictly budgeting our money for a long time, but even that isn't helping these days. I am thankful I have found a board where everyone is thrifty and not afraid to be so. :)

    • Christina Burk I don't think you are wrong at all.I have always been a budgeter it allowed me to stay home by being like that.With what the economists are predicting soon we will feel like it is 1979 again with the hyperinflation that is looming.Grow it if you can, preserve it any way you can, and food shop with stocking up in mind.Things are not going to get any better soon and I fear we will see much worse before we see that.

    • Gaynelle Callaway We have plowed up quite a large garden spot, we also share eggs with our friends and renters when we have extra....we need more rain, but the Lord has blessed us with some this fruit trees are loaded with fruit....I look for times to get even harder...

    • Cindy Brown I made up a batch of the Master Mix, and we've used it for pineapple upside down cake, pancakes, and I can't remember it all!!! It's my Dad's favorite for pancakes and mentions that every time he makes them!!:)

    • DeDe Sons Just heard on the news yesterday that food prices are going to continue to go up due to weather events throughout the world and so the things we are doing I believe are the right things for staying on top of an upcoming food crisis. I would only add that we all better not broadcast how much of a stockpile of food that we have to just anyone...this website is one thing, but when the rioting starts because there is not enough food for people, they will come looking for it and will remember where it is being stored...should also make sure you have sufficient things to protect you and your family and your home from those who want to take it...

    • Beth Vitto Hunter I also believe that it's going to get harder for everyone. Not only do I agree with you Marcia Steranka, but DeDe Sons makes a valid point. I would add that I believe most people are going to have to learn to live "in community" more so than we do, meaning sharing living space, the cost of meals, ride-sharing, etc. It's not a typical American experience but will need to be learned. I forget where I read it, but there was a lecture that a Russian professor gave RE what the people of Russia went through when their economy collapsed and how they had to rethink and relearn how to live in community. I wish I could find it again so I could post it here. But anyway, that's all something to think about.

    • Sabrina Orris I don't consider my self to be a prepper but a survivor. We are a family of six living on a very limited budget. I am trying to figure out how to keep food in our families tummies... I do believe that we are heading for harder times. But we as being finacial poor get hit first. It has been since Febuary since we have even been able to fill up our gas tank. We go and put $50 bucks in a week and that only gives us a 1/2 tank to get me back and forth to work and to Dr appts. We live in a small community and don't get to town but maybe once or twice a month for doctor appt. Last summer we sold our freezer since it was costing us money to run it. So now I have to be creative of how to store our food. We use what we store so there is constantly an routation of our food. I can not wait until we are able to plant our garden and start getting fresh veggies... I do believe some Americans are completly going to be lost they are so use to living in the get it now 10 mins or less culture. What worries me is what are these kind of people going to do when you hand them flour and say here make some bread, or make some pasta. God Bless all and may we all be over comers and learn all that we can and be teachers...

    • Leslie Cooper Ronchetti we need to learn to live w/o some of this technology....most everyone on this site is old enough to know that at one point (not very long ago) half of this technology wasnt we can be tracked from our cells, pc, and car!! and we let it happen cause it was soo cool to have this stuff...but up side we are ALWAYS connected to the world...makes ya wonder if we can even disconnect to get back to basics....and thats what needs to happen...back to basics....but it seems to me everyone wants to keep up with the jones....cook out people and meet your neighbors....but we will get through this!! just gotta keep on keeping on!!

    • Cindy J Wagner It's amazing how much that technology has helped us though. I don't know if I would have ever started on this path if I hadn't met all of my online friends. I know that even if I had I wouldn't even know half as much as I do...

    • Heather Mahon Estey I think technology is a double edged sword that you must be careful when you use it, and we need to teach that to the younger generations who have no concept of going without it for any length of time. How do we teach them delayed gratification if everything is instant gratification? :(

    • Cindy J Wagner btw, I love those posts you did Heather Mahon Estey! ESP the magic mix one. I added it to my favorite links so I can find it easier. Now to make some mixes before hubby insists on buying any more. I have long thought about it, but now I'm feeling much more motivated to actually do it... ♥

    • LaNita Campbell Slayton ‎@ Cindy are you familiar with Make A Mix and More Make a Mix Cookery books by Make-a-Mix Cookery: How to Make Your Own Mixes [Perfect Paperback) Karine Eliason Nevada Harward
      Nevada Harward and Madeline Westover I have used these books since about 1980. They have saved me so much money and kept my family preservative free.

    • Lorena M Johnson I was born in 1935 at the tail end of the great depression and we were fortunate enough to have a tiny farm with chickens, ducks, pigs and a cow for milk. We had lots of pinto beans and corn bread. My aunt who raised me canned all summer long. We didn't know about dehydration then, but she kept us healthy with her canning and my uncle worked a job that payed the bare minimum wages and came home to raise a garden and work from 3am till 9pm to keep us in groceries. We were one of the fortunate ones. We had an outhouse for the first five years of my life and a well which we had a pump we had to prime. My aunt made our butter, buttermilk, cottage cheeze, etc. We were exceedingly healthy. It is more difficult nowadays with all the new worries over the ground water, the ground having been saturated with chemicals and the new GMO stuff in our foods, plus HFCS in almost everything. We need to be constantly aware of what we are putting into our bodies and even the seeds we buy need to be heirloom which Monsanto is trying to curb. Lots to think about. But if we help each other we will survive this.

    • Mary Henriques I don't know where they got their info but I read on another page (forget where) that they expect a depression by 2030 & expect to be worse than the 1st. I figure most people will feel like we are in a depression before then. I just started dehydrating & canning (last week) but feel every little bit helps.

    • Freda Blake Bradley The discussion of technology made me think of US. We used to live in an
      area that had us brainwashed to think we needed all the latest and greatest toys/house/car/furniture/clothes…..Then, we moved to rural Appalachia where
      it is far less important and families and friends are the more important
      things. Best thing we ever did. Not only did we divest ourselves of the
      things that owned US, but we are much happier not chasing the carrot. Yes,
      we don't live near a grocery and we have to plan for winters and things, but it's still far better than what we were doing.

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    • Linda Elegante After I was widowed and living on disability (lupus and fibromyalgia) I figured it out one day. My income is roughly $400 per month BELOW the National Poverty Level.

      That's when I began to seriously dehydrate food, not as a fun novelty in my early days, but out of dire necessity.

      I live in a small rental trailer and no longer have a freezer, so buying in bulk is not an option.

      Now I can buy marked down veggies and dehydrate them... and store them without additional cost.

      That is what brought about the formation of this group. I wanted to do more, learn more, find out more... and help others in the same position.

      We have a very good friend who is highly connected in the military. He's in the reserves and moved his family here to the wilds of Wyoming about a year ago. Once a month he flies to the Pentagon for ... something... all hush-hush.

      However, I do know it has a lot to do with the state of our economy and the world situation.

      This is not rocket science. it is simple math. As we continue to spend more than we bring in, inflation rises. Things will not be getting better, folks. We need to be innovative and creative in how we handle our money and where we put our reesources.

    • Mary Henriques Mom mom is widowed & on SS. I am on SS Disability & live with her because I can't afford to live on my own. My brother has rarely worked in his life & lives with mom(or should I say off her). I started dehydrating & canning because the food budget is $200 a month. With food prices skyrocjeting & income not going up, I thought this was a good way to stretch $.

    • Linda Elegante Two computer crashes ago I had a fantastic youtube explaining the economy situation.. Looks like it's time for a few lessons in economics.

      Bottom line... If the cost of living exceeds one's income, then there are only two choices...

      1. increase income
      2. reduce spending

      of course, that doesn't apply to our gove=rnment...

      Their options are
      1. borrow more money
      2. Print more money
      A simplified way of explaining the debt and deficit argument. We translate the t...rillions and billions into terms that most Americans can identify with.See More

    • Christina Burk Contrary to the happy news the media is pumping out for us to consume.many have compared the stats of the great depression to what is happening now and saying that we already are in another depression.There are far more people unemployed right now than there was back then but since they get a government check it keeps them quiet.The problem is that since we are spending far more than we take in it will only take China saying no to more leading to bring the house of cards down.When that happens...not if....when..things are not going to be very pretty and what supplies you have put up is what you will depend upon.It will probably not be a community thing because you will want to be very quite about what you have stored.Think mad max world.Civilized society will most likely be a thing of the past when the house of cards crash.I would love to know about the hush hush meetings but I think I already know in my heart what they are about.I stay very tuned into the newswires and 1/2 of what happens is never heard here in the states.The media likes to keep us hooked to bread and circuses and far too many will not be prepared.
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    • Mary Henriques I guess I am cynical but if the American Media says it, I do not believe it. The government wants us to belivev things are getting better & the media comes across as a bunch of puppets reporting what they are told instead of the facts. I plan on dehydrating & canning what I can now while I have a SS Diusability check coming in. When the government crashes, those of us living on SS won't have any income.

    • Freda Blake Bradley I don't know if I've ever shared this with you guys or not, but I'm a historian. My focus is 19th/20th century US history. In the Great Depression, the unemployment numbers were calculated for anyone over working age that wasn't working matter if they were "disabled" or "disinterested" they were still counted as unemployed (now remember this was males only, but the percentage was calculated men not working vs men working). TODAY, they ONLY count those RECEIVING unemployment checks. So, for people like ME whose business closed due to the economy, since I chose to finish my Masters while unemployed, I was disallowed my unemployment check, therefore I am NOT counted among the unemployed. SO, the more TRUE number (still not accurate since it doesn't count those "disinterested" or just not working like in the 1930s), is the U6 index. This counts those on unemployment, those under-employed (read: part-time or multiple small hourly jobs)). THAT number last time I looked was nearly 16%. The unemployment for the Great Depression was between 22-25% until the 1950s. SO, for me, it seems as if we're living in the depression right now, BUT we now have all these entitlement programs to cloud the vision. In the Great Depression even Social Security wasn't there for the first couple of years, and welfare was non-existant. Doing the math, it seems as if we're there NOW to historians like me.

    • Linda Elegante There is a name for what is coming down... it's called


      The End Of The World As We Know It.

      Folks, things will not get better. A wise person will be thinking in terms of how to manage life without all the things we are used to having. We are about to join the rest of the world,

    • Cindy Harbold Ratcliffe This is not drama...but real life, unfortunately. Each of us will prepare for the hard times in our own way. I appreciate what I have learned from this site as well as several other sites. I, too, would not be where I am today, as far as prepping goes, had I not have found these sites. Valuable information! People will be caught "with their pants down" when it gets really bad....I don't plan on being one of those people!! I'm not where I want to be yet as far as stocking up but I'm a WHOLE lot closer than I was !! Thank you to all of you who support each other! We have to pull together like never before!

    • Sabrina Orris My husband is on SSI he gets 694 a month he is only 44 but got hurt at work when he was 31. I work 12 hours a week. But for my last 3 checks they have been at least 100 less do to cut backs. We live off of normally 1300 right now we are living off of right now we are living off of 1000 for 6 people. Atleast when we garden and hunt and we either dehydrate or can we are insuring food for our family. It is real scary to hear what is going on!

    • Freda Blake Bradley Cindy's right..not drama it's lifeand it feels good to know we're not alone
      in our boats. I appreciate knowing that.

      Wednesday at 11:49am via · · 5

    • Rebecca Lynn while the post maybe off topic it does add to the feeling of connection and community to the group. if not someone's 'cup of tea' it is easy enough to just move on to another post.

    • Cindy J Wagner Who is forcing you to read this post Tommy? Wow. It is real. I agree, I believe we are in another depression already. There are just a lot more things in place to make it appear that we are not. We are talking about this here because it is the reason many of us have begun dehydrating our food and is therefore totally on topic. My story was featured in Reader's Digest a year ago this month, that is where my profile picture came from. My husband had gotten a job transfer and we were making 2 house payments until our other house sold (it never did) so I had to find ways to stretch the budget. I am loving finding all of these helpful people in all of these groups and I think it is great that we can talk about our shared economic struggles.

    • Cindy J Wagner from about "I have no problem with other issues regarding food. For example, food storage, gardening issues, bartering food, and anything related to food is welcome, but primarily this is a forum on what to dehydrate, how to dehydrate and what to do with what you dehydrated." pretty sure discussing why we preserve food pertains to this subject matter...

    • Linda Elegante Tommy, yes, in a way we are off topic. And there are other sites that spend a lot more time with it. However, as the creator and admin, I think it's fair to occasionally touch on it.

      Part of the reason I formed this group is to help people deal with staggering inflation, rising cost of living and diminishing income. It's especially difficult for those of us on fixed incomes.

      My heart aches for all those people who had no warning of what is coming down and have not prepared for hard times (or weren't even aware that they needed to prepare)

      This ties in with dehydrating in that it is the single most effecting way to store up food for emergencies. food can be stored without the use of electricity (as opposed to using a freezer)

      WE don't do this often, but on occasion I think it is important to touch upon the realities that are bringing so many people together.

      The numbers of people who find and join this group daily just amazes me. Most are not here for recreation, bur for a really serious need.

      Please bear with us. <smile>

      Like I said, we don't do this often.

      I will say this, on my blogspot site I do address prepping foremergencies. Much mroe info will be coming there as quickly as I can get it up and going. YOu will be welcome to go there and discuss these issues with me and others. That will free this site to address specifically dehydrating.

    • Cindy J Wagner no, bullying is trying to make others feel badly about themselves for some reason. It is just one post. We are not demeaning or belittling anyone. I am done talking to you about this, it is clearly not the place for a heated discussion. Seems to me like you are just trying to draw attention to yourself. Oh, and LaNita, I will have to look into those. I am highly interested in saving money on my monthly grocery budget!

    • Rebecca Lynn hmmm i don't recall naming you in my post. i'm sure there are others who have no interest at all in this post but they aren't trying to control other members. they move on and read and share other things of interest. they certainly aren't trying to bully others into doing things only their way. that would be a waste of time since even trying to control others is just silly.

    • Rebecca Lynn sorry post wasn't finish so when corrected it it moved it to lower. i deleted the other post so as not to have a duplicate. ty Linda for your post.

    • Cindy J Wagner oh Linda, what is your blogspot site? I'm a blogger too

    • Tommy Smith Linda Elegante , yes i do like your group you have made here :-) .. Just appears to me more and more these "groups' are being over run by ppls using it for their own purpose, which destroys the purpose of the group.. I left another group this week because everytime i got a notifcation- i would goto to the page and it was just random posting....So maybe i am being alittle cranky on this ( i will delete my previous statements ) thanks and peace :)

    • Cindy J Wagner It also helps to click on the notifications and have them turned off. Every time something changes the group list on the left has numbers by it anyway.

    • Cindy J Wagner we all have our cranky days. ;)

    • Rebecca Lynn tommy i was just thinking about that very thing. your coming to the group by clicking on notifaction. that pops open everything said on that post and makes you read through a ton of stuff you really aren't wanting. i got an idea...... delete all you post off this topic and see if it will stop sending notifations to you about the post

    • Christina Burk I appreciate all of the info I can get my hands on about being ready for anything.If it is begin over prepared then that is what it is but I'd rather be well over prepared then be caught with nothing in the pantry in an emergency situation.

    • Kathy Spencer Barnabi I am happy to read all the posts and it makes me feel better to know that other people also share my fears and worries about the future. I am just starting to prep, can, dehydrate and plan for the future that is coming sooner than we realize. My husband works, but I have been sick for 3 yrs and I'm trying to do this with some physical disabilities. So I worry that I won't be strong enough to do what we need. I like to hear all your opinions. If it's something i'm not interested in I just move on to the next topic. Thanks to everyone on jere for what you do, it helps us all!

    • Linda Elegante <smile> Tommy, I can appreciate your point. I hate it when people ramble on. Fortunately, on this particular thread, at least we are sticking to the subject. I won't be here tomorrow, but on Friday I will delete this particular thread.

    • Linda Elegante ‎@ Cindy... here is my blogspot

      it is primarily the same information as here on fb. but I've set it up to be much easier to access. On the right are title pages so you can get some basic informaiton.

      On the left is an alphabetical listing of key words. every post that has those words pop up when you click on them.

      I've set it up to post one new item every day at 1:00 a.m. mountain time. That way, even when I am not available on line, something will come down.

      Im trying to set up more and more with lots of pics.

      Plus, I will hve specific info on prepping, emergency, dealing with crisis... Trying to provide pertinent links ... I figure if it's important to me, it may be important to you, too.

    • Marcia Steranka ‎(SMILING) this is for Linda Elegante and Tommy Smith. I am the one who started this thread. I must say I was on the wrong page and didn't realize it until after I had posted it. When I realized it I started to delete it and there were several comments. My feelings at that time was maybe other needed to not feel alone in the things they were dealing with. I to agree that we all need to be aware of what's going on in our world that will effect us on a daily basis. I'm sorry for any inconvience this has caused to the two of you as well as others. I will be more careful in the future when I post. Once again, I'm sorry.

    • Barbara J Coale Ghandhi Sometimes we all need to sit back and remember why we're doing all of this.

    • Cindy Harbold Ratcliffe Marcia -- no need to apologize!! We are all in this together!!!

    • Rebecca Lynn Marcia, your post is a good one. personally i think it's a programming thing with fb that causes Tommy to get stuck reading something he wasn't interested in. if you come to the group page through the link under groups on the left this post isn't expanded. you have to click to see all comments. if you come by clicking on notifications it is already expanded. any of us could run into the same type of prob in the future with an on topic post that lots of members have posted on.

    • Cindy J Wagner oh, and you don't need to delete your comments off a thread not to get notifications for it. If you have commented but don't want notifications about follow up responses, just click "unfollow post". It's right next to comment. :)
      5 hours ago ·  · 1

    • Rebecca Lynn well duh lol. trying to do too many things at once here LOL. tax time you know.
      5 hours ago ·  · 1

    • Cindy J Wagner I think a lot of people don't notice the new things, they have just recently added it. I guess they can't let anyone get to comfortable with their page. ;)
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    • Heather Mahon Estey ‎$48 for 12 gallons of gas. ouch.
      3 hours ago ·  · 3

    • Rebecca Lynn big ouch for gas!! need to visit my mom before it goes much higher.

    • Beth Vitto Hunter Linda Elegante I personally hope you don't delete this thread. I see such a need for folks to voice their concerns about the economy and how dehydrating plays into that. I read through all these and actually learned quite a lot, felt "pulled" towards some folks and their fight to remain healthy and fed, and just felt such a sense of community in all of our desire and effort to "put away for tomorrow". Just sayin'.....

    • Mary Henriques I agree Beth Vitto Hunter, and if not for this thread I would not know about the Make a Mix books. I just ordered the 1st one. If it is as good as I think it will be, I may order the More Make a mix book. All the additives in store bought stuff worries me & making my own will help wuth that.

    • Andrea Sisco Please don't delete this post. It's honest and really, why are we all doing this dehydrating. We are trying to provide the best for our families, we know bad things are happening and getting worse and why dodge it? If someone doesn't like a post, move on. It's rarely that this happens and I for one think it's a good thing that it did.

    • Cindy J Wagner Now Heather, imagine having to fill up a car twice a week because your husband got a job transfer without a raise. Instead of a 24 mile per day commute he has 110 miles per day. With the economy the way it is too, our house didn't sell either. We spend more on gas and car maintainence every month than we do groceries!

    • Linda Elegante OK folks, I recognize the need. For the time being, I will leave the post here...

      Im wondering,... what if I take all this info and transfer it to the blogspot page? Then you can continue on the STATE OF THE ECONOMY discussion thread there?

      Personallly, I have a lot of concerns and a lotto say on the matter.

    • Linda Elegante Mary, before you buy that Make-a-Mix book, wait a few days. I'm thinking I have a copy of it and rarely use it because so many of its ingredients are actually packaged mixe ingredients.

      Could be wrong, but let me check and get back with you on this one. and let's do make sure we are talking about the same book.

    • Andrea Sisco I think it's bowing to the pressure of a couple of people. But then we have grown to be a nation of appeasers. Sounds harsh? I mean it to be. This does have a connection to what we are doing. However, it is your site and you certainly have the right to do what you'd like to do.

    • Christina Burk Oh Cindy that is awful that that happened to you.:(

    • Andrea Sisco I realize my statement may get me booted from this page and I'll risk that. I just don't understand the occasional diversion to something that is related to the subject matter. If it helps one person, it's worth it.


  1. Tks Linda for moving all of this. Now to my FB family here, God Bless you for all your support. It seems that everyday we hear/see something that makes us feel uneasy about the direction we are going. Wishing everyone a very high producing garden this year, great sales on items you don't grow, and great friendship we have all made. God Bless you each for your support.

  2. Thanks so much Marcia,
    I truly appreciate your support. I am really hopeful that this site will be something that can make a difference to people.... not just us, but everywhere.

    I was checking our stats to learn about who is using this blogspot.

    So far, people from 9 different countries have been here. I was surprised to discover that the second-largest population of readers come from Russia!

    United States - 298
    Russia - 15
    Spain - 11
    United Kingdom - 6
    Canada - 3
    Germany - 3
    Philippines - 3
    Austrailia - 1
    Bangledesh - 1

    As we continue to use this site, I'm thinking we truly can affect the world.

  3. I never really answered the "why I dehydrate" question, but since I'm a total newbie, the answer is that I wanted to try it out for my family. But isn't' that what we're all doing it for? I want to depend less on the government, more on my own resourcefulness, and eat better quality food. My hubby is retired, I lost my job in the economic mess, and we were forced to live very frugally. However, we embraced it overall and had been on that trend for a long time. However, with our health issues and our ages, we wanted to up our vitamin/mineral intake without using something made by a chemist as a vitamin. So, we tried to find alternatives. Eventually, I found that most of these vitamins/minerals get leached out of mass produced foods, so we decided to go back to gardening this year with heirlooms. I wanted to see if dehydrating was an option for us, so I joined this group. However, I found out quickly that there were many kindred spirits among us, and I think that was an additional amazing discovery. I thank you for embracing me and my "newbie" questions, and I hope we all can sustain through this wherever it takes us.

    1. Freda we are right there w/you on wanting to eat healthier and waste less. We also are putting in a garden this year. We purchased our currently property to retire and live off the land. Our soil is very very rocky so we have built raised bed. Planting will happen this time next week. So far what is your favorite item to dehydrate?

    2. Freda, you are right on the mark! Sometimes dehydrating seems a little strange to us, primarily because processed foods emphasize convenience. But I am convinced that with time, we will be more comfortable with more natural choices in our diet and lifestyle.

  4. Linda, I noticed you published your "stats" from blogger. Just be aware, there are "pinger" sites especially from Russia that try to get you to click the links you see in your statistics page. Do NOT do's somewhat similar to a junk mail message or a spam phone don't want to do that. You can google it if you need more info, but I've noticed it on my own blog and asked around....they're not really people reading the blog (or all are not).

    1. Thanks Freda, I'm rather new to this aspect of internetting. I appreciate the info.

  5. Thanks for relocating the topic to here.It is me Christina Burk since my google ID is different.I've always been frugal and it is why I started doing this.I am glad now that I do know all that I do about canning dehydrating it is definitely going to come in handy now that we all are being forced to tighten our belts.

    1. I really think in the long run this will be better.

  6. That's one thing I really appreciate about having our own blogs. In forums and groups it is easy to stray off topic even when the post is started out on topic. It can happen despite our best of intentions. That's why I started my blog. I was kicked off of the HGTV message boards and wanted to stay in contact with some of the friends I made over there. Then I met a bunch of garden bloggers and I was really active with my blog for quite some time. Once I joined facebook though I used more of my time keeping in touch with people over there. I have hardly made any blog posts these days. Life gets busy, especially with a teenager and preteen in the house.

    1. To my mind, talking about economic issues is part of what dehydrating is about. Recognizing that many people need dehydrating to 'beat the system' of the food industry and the traps we find ourselves in economically.

      My big issue is "oh, Poopsie my poodle just had puppies" and "did you see that game last night?" and "wasn't it scandalous what so-and so did to whatsis on last night's soap opera?"