Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dehydrating Apricots

Dried Apricots

I have had very little experience with fresh apricots. They are usually too expensive for me.  However, lately we’ve participated in the Bountiful Baskets program and have gotten them on several occasions.  You don’t get a choice, you simply get a laundry basket full of fresh produce. Now, what we don’t eat during the week, I dehydrate on the weekends.

Apricots have pits, so they can be tricky to slice. 

 I simply cut completely around the pit. Then twist the two pieces apart. The pit will usually remain on one side.  I sliced a small sliver off the fruit with the pit. That gives me a way to grip the pit and pull it away from the fruit. 

I sliced the crosswise to get an even thickness. Notice some of the pieces have holes in the middle. That’s where the pit was.

At 115 degrees here in Wyoming, they were dry in about 1 ½ days. They will be a little leathery.

What to do with dehydrated apricots:

  • Makes a great snack as they are
  • Dice up pieces and add to baked goods, breakfast cereals, granola, etc.
  • Sesame Fruit balls – this is a recipe based on How to Dry Foods by Deanna DeLong
    • Sesame seeds – slowly toast in a heavy skillet, no oil
    • Puree apricots and /or other dehydrated fruits
    • Grind sesame seeds to a thick paste
    • Blend with pureed dried fruit
    • Roll into tablespoon sized balls
    • Roll balls into sesame seeds

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