Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dehydrating Melon Seeds

Did you know you can dehydrate any type of melon or squash seeds? These seeds are power packed with nutrients.  It seems a shame to toss them out!

Cantaloupe Seeds

Rinse the seeds to get the stringy stuff off.

 It's a very simple procedure.   Simply rinse them under running water. as you stir and squeeze, the seeds will separate from the stringy parts. Once they are completely cleaned, spread them out on a fruit leather tray to dry.

Dehydrated cantaloupe seeds

What do you do with dehydrated seeds?

  • These seeds can be eaten raw as a munchie, or toast them in a heavy pan.
  • They make a nice snack. 
  • If your cantaloupe isn’t genetically altered, you may try planting the seeds. Because of the low heat, they are still live food and should grow.

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