Monday, May 7, 2012

Slicing Apples with a Mandolin

Here is an easy way to prep your apples if they aren’t all that perfect.  I was given a box of apples. Many of them had bruises, so I didn’t want to slice them with the peelings. 

The first thing I did was peel the apples and cut off the bruises. Then I used the mandolin to quickly slice one side to the core.

I flip it over and slice the other side to the core.

Then I do the two short ends to the core. your slices won't be the same size. They will be the same thickness, but different widths. that doesn't matter, especially if you plan to use them in pies or cooked recipes. 

The cores and peelings that aren’t bruised go into a container. I make applesauce or apple butter from these later. 

My slices are racked and ready to dehydrate.


  1. Fun!! I'm going to try this next!!! :)

    1. I'm alweays looking for the easy way to do things.

      Sorry I didn't respond sooner, missed the comment! Will try to be more dilligent in the future...