Friday, June 8, 2012

Swiss Chard and Other Greens

Dehydrating leafy veggies is a snap.  All you have to do is rinse or wash as usual. I use my salad spinner to get rid of the excess moisture before dehydrating.

Simply spread the leaves out on your racks and dry at a low setting.  Generally, if I put them on in the morning, by the next morning they are done.  It doesn’t take long to dehydrate leafy greens.

Before I dehydrated them, this tub was overflowing with Swiss chard.


I crunched them a bit to bag them.

What to do with dehydrated greens:
  • Rehydrate in boiling water and serve as usual
  • Crush them for salad sprinkles
  • Crush and mix into instant soups
  • Crush and mix into your favorite omelet recipe
  • Kids don't like greens? Crush and sneak them into casseroles and other dishes  


  1. Love this! I often make green eggs with frozen or dried kale or chard added to my eggs. Kids love love love them!

    1. What a great idea! Kids will eat anything if they can associate it with Dr. Seuss!