Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate Won’t work

Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate

Once I really got going with dehydrating, my imagination simply ran wild.  I had visions of dehydrating everything possible, especially concentrating on emptying my pathetic little freezer. I studied a can of orange juice concentrate and began to have visions of powdered juice.

I spooned the mixture from the can and spread it out on the fruit leather trays.

Looked pretty good, so I placed it in the dehydrator.

Four days later, it was a sticky, gloppy mess.

Eight days later, it was still a sticky, gloppy mess.
I tried turning it over to expose more surface to the air, but it didn’t work.

Ten days later? We tossed it!  One of my few dehydrating failures.  Oh well.

Lesson: Yes, there are a few things that don’t take well to dehydrating.
·         Frozen orange juice concentrate
·         Dill pickles


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