Thursday, September 20, 2012

Zucchini Chips Perfected

Two Flavors

Ever since folks have been posting recipes and information on zucchini chips, I’ve been interested. However, I am always concerned about oil going rancid and long-term storage.  I tried several ways of seasoning them without oil, but invariably, the seasonings didn’t adhere well.

I finally came up with a method that works. I decided to try blanching them before dehydrating.  My first batch was a mess!  They were too thin and stuck to the racks.  Nothing but crumbles. 

In my next batch, I sliced them thicker and blanched for only two minutes. It worked perfectly.  The seasonings adhered to the chips and they are really tasty.

Sliced & Halved
A friend gave me several extra-large, older zucchinis.  Mike specifically requested something spicy, so I used our home-made but pre-mixed Cajun blackening spices for his.  On the other hand, I don’t care for something that is an endurance test to eat, so I opted for garlic salt and Basil.

One of my concerns was that I didn’t want the two batches to get confused.  The middle part of the squash was hollow, so I simply cut them in half, that way we could easily tell the mild from the spicy apart.
Powdered Herbs

I knew the salt in the garlic salt would be a bit too coarse, so I decided to use the mortar and pestle and grind it with the basil into a fine powder.  

Blackened Zukes

The trick to getting the seasonings to adhere is blanching. Since zukes are so tender and delicate, I decided on two minutes of blanch time followed by plunging into a cold water bath. 

 After draining, I spread them out a bit onto a large flat container and seasoned them.  These were GENTLY tossed to assure even seasoning.

Garlic Salt & Basil

When you are seasoning, remember that dehydrated foods are concentrated.  If you season them too heavily, they will be so concentrated in flavor, that they can be really unpleasant.  So go lightly on the seasonings until the taste is right for your family.

Garlic & Basil
Lightly mist the racks with non-stick spray
  • Make sure, when you put them on the racks to leave enough room for air circulation.
  • I set mine at 120°
  • They dried overnight and were ready by mid-afternoon of the next day.

About half way through the drying time, turn them over.


  1. I made mine this week by misting with garlic infused water and Costco mesquite seasoning. First simmer sliced garlic in water for five minutes, strain and pour into spray bottle. Place zucchini on trays. Mist lightly with garlic water. Sprinkle with seasoning. The water helps to melt the salt in the seasoning and adhere the spices. Dried over night at 115.

  2. They are also good with the commercial mix Montreal Steak Seasoning, giving them that garlic-peppery taste.

  3. I slice mine lengthwise with a mandoline, marinate in this (with sesame oil added to the marinade), then dehydrate: Delicious! They turn out chewy/crisp.