Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bare Minimums Kit

Bare Minimums Kit 

I decided to set up a bare-minimums bag. The concept is that instead of lugging my bigger bag everywhere, we can have a bare-minimum survival kit.  I used a compact camera bag about six inches long. (Thrift store for $1.) This stays in the car at all times and can be attached to my belt. 

In the event of a bug out situation, this kit provides a few items not included in my main BOB. 

Not only that, but in the event that the car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, we can take care of a few needs until either help comes or we can walk to safety.  This can be an issue when you are eighty miles in any direction to the nearest civilization and you are on roads that are not well traveled.

Linda’s Note: a bug-out situation is very different from a temporary emergency. 

Bare Minimums Kit 

I tried to think in terms of the absolute minimum we might need for survival.  Here in the wilds of Wyoming, that includes some means of lighting a fire, some means of gathering food, some means of heating water.

·         fire striker
o       good for 1,000 strikes, much more reliable than matches (can be used even in wet weather)
o       includes a tiny packet of toilet paper to use as kindling
·         fishing tackle in tiny zip bag - the details on this will be posted as Linda’s Bare Minimums Fishing Kit. Watch for the post coming in a few days.
·         good knife
·         duct tape
o       Wrapped around a heavy awl.
o       Duct tape for attaching things to each other
o       Can be used as bandage
·         awl
o       wrapped in duct tape
o       Use for punching holes, etc.
·         magnifying glass
o       lighting fires
o       looking for splinters in fingers, etc.
·         a 9-hour candle and candle-lamp
o       see my BlogSpot on Linda’s Bug Out Bag for a picture.
·         first aid supplies
o       pain reliever pills
o       antibiotic ointment
·         aluminum foil
o       make reflector for signaling
o       make folded drinking cup or cooking pot
·         emergency blanket, etc.
o       reflective,  can be used to wrap up in
o       or stretched with duct tape to create a lean-to
·         heat pack

Folding Magnifying Glass

I found this great little magnifying glass. It has many uses. If someone gets a splinter, you can see well to get them out.  Also, by positioning it correctly, you can actually start a fire with it.  I especially like the fact that it has a tiny stand. Perfect when you need to see what you are doing and still dig a splinter out.


What makes it especially great is that it can fold flat and is only about a half an inch thick.  Perfect for packing in my bare minimums kit.





  1. This is a great idea. We don't live in wilderness, but still, it would be worth having something appropriate to our area. Thanks for posting. Love the mini fishing kit too!

    1. Glad you like it! I play around with "what if" and try to think in terms of what I might need in an emergency situation. Those "what ifs" may range from a simple car accident to some natural disaster, a riot, or horrors... war. If something happened in the next hour, no matter where you are, how would you cope?