Friday, October 26, 2012

Linda’s Bare Minimums Fishing Kit

I set up a Bare Minimums Kit that is so small I can easily carry it around.  It attaches to my belt. It has the absolute minimum essentials I might need for survival.  See my post on Bare Minimums Kit for details. 

I wanted to explain the details of my fishing kit, which is inside the Bare Minimums Kit.I felt it was important to bring along a few fishing supplies.  These supplies won’t catch a big whopper of a fish, but there are a lot more little fish around than big ones.
Fishhooks attached to leaders

I needed something to hold fishhooks so they wouldn’t get stuck on things. I took a magnetic needle case and put small fishhooks in it. it’s only about three inches long, so it’s ideal for a few hooks and leaders.

bare minimums kit/ BUG OUT BAGS 6

Fits inside a tiny zip bag

I wrapped about 100 yards of fishing line around a small plastic bobbin.  There are some small lures and weights stored with the line in a tiny one inch by two-inch zip bag.  Fishing line can be either hand cast or tied to a stick to make a fishing pole. 

One of the important things about fishing lures is that you can catch insects near the water for bait.  I already know how to make an efficient fish trap from a series of twigs, so although this is nice and might be handy, it isn’t my only option.






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  1. Good idea, I have even used straight pins that I bent to make hooks, tied them like flies and had good success. The small size of what you made, is really nice!